I always love it when ...


... the old lady joins in on the fun. 
I was working with Nora on distance work when Isabella decided
she should really participate too, "naps at a distance".

Humbled and oooooh so Proud!



Nora earned her advanced trick title through AKC today.  This is a video of her practicing.  We have been working hard towards this but I never thought at 6 months she would get it.  You rock baby girl!  Now, time to submit all the paper work, keep having fun, training, and bonding.  That was only a few weeks of learning, I can hardly imagine what you can do next.  Looking forward to finding out.  oxoxox you baby girl!

Grasshopper being schooled


Naomi is teaching her to look up in the trees for squirrels.
Slowly, she is catching on to the game.


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