Happy 12th birthday Isabella

I wish you were just born so I could have you for another 12 years. You are so easy to love.   
... aka Izzi,The One Eyed Blue Eyed Pirate, Fatty McFatty Moo Moo Ma Goo, Orchabella. oxoxox Funny thing is, is you know all your names but you only come to "Wanna Cookie". LOL

If a blankie isn't warm enough ...

... snuggle under one with your warm sister!

ok, now it is getting a bit too warm so time to move some
temperature regulating parts out from under the blanket.

The 2 week paint-a-thon


It's not all the way done yet but it's getting a lot closer.
Need to paint the bookshelf and put up the rest of the photos etc.

Ugly Humidifier controller ...

... is being removed!

YEAH, bye!
Not sure why we didn't do that sooner?  It wasn't hooked up to anything.

The fish go to camp.

Very happy all the fish made it!