high alert ears ...


... activated for flying bug sounds. 
Never know when you might need to catch a snack.

Um... Naomi...
if you even try to catch a bee (again), I'll put you in the house!

Fly free Charlie

My streaming tears say what my heart cannot...
I am too sad and shaken up to even find my words
over you making your journey today.
You were more than just a dog,
you were family, a friend, mom's forever joy and happiness.
Love you big basset wanna be.
Charlie in 2006

Fly free beautiful Marley ...


Marley and mom
... Pupper Girl Extraordinaire!
You touched many lives and left footprints on our hearts
that can never be replaced.
I know your mum loved you more than anything and
no one could have taken better care of you, than she.
Thanks for being in our lives little one, we will miss you.
Forever Nooge's girlfriend and forever our friend.


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