Happy birthday Brettzles

Everyday, you still make my heart skip a beat and I know just how lucky I am to have you. Happy, HAPPY Birthday Sweetie. We'll go in search of margaritas when you get home. Get your ID ready though... either you'll finally be old enough to drink or we'll get a discount. oxox

Brett's bday


This photo truly melts my heart!

Uncle Mike and Naomi
Not only are Brett and I the luckiest people around
to have the two SWEETEST friends on the planet
but their never ending kindnesses, patience, and TLC
have broken down Naomi's fear barriers.  To see more people
in her circle of trust and seeing her truly loving them, melts my heart. 
Thank you Uncle Mike and Auntie Sharon for all you do for us
and for always being there when we need you.
Next visit has to be for something fun, fun, fun!