Olde Fashion Buckeye Passion, CGC TKP
Born: 04-26-16
Olde Fashion Bassets, West Bend, WI.
by Jane Baetz aka: Gramma Jane and Bethany Berger

AKA: Nay Nay, Very Big Speed Butter Bean,
NaomiNaomi-puppypuppy pony

Momma Pistol

Mummy Pistol

Mumma Pistol
Ch. Olde Fashion Sex Pistol

Italian Lambrosco Casa Dal Pino Bassethound
Daddy Arnold


Italian Lambrosco Casa Dal Pino Bassethound
Italian Lambrusco
Casa Dal Pino Basset Hound


Naomi running in our yeard for first time - July 5, 2016
First run in her new home/yard.
July 5, 2016

Welcome home Sweet girl!

Photos below are taken by Jane Baetz – Olde Fashion Bassets

First meal
First meal.

Eyes are open!
Eyes are open.

Climbing the food bar
Don’t tell Naomi that dinner is over.

Full tummies
Foodie Comas

Naomi 9th puppy born on April 26, 16
9th puppy born in a litter of 12.

Pistol X Arnold litter of 12
9 Girls and 3 Boys

Arnold Pistol pups


Ch. Italian Lambrusco


Ch. Nhabira Homerun


Ion Ion de Ianca


Multi Ch. Swede Sun’s Ella


Money for Nothing della Terra dei Templari


Ch. Woferlow Single Malt


Bassbarr SilverCloud


Ch. Olde Fashion Sex Pistol


Ch. Hopeless Sex Machine


Ch Billie-Turf V.D.Oude Watertoren


FI. Ch. Hopeless Just Sexy Sadie


Ch. Olde Fashion Burnin’ Desire,
ROM, Top Producer 2015


BIS,BISS GCh. Sasquatch Double Exposure, ROM


Ch. Olde Fashion Talladega